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Praise for Eternal Treblinka

"The moral challenge posed by Eternal Treblinka turns it into a must for anyone who seeks to delve into the universal lesson of the Holocaust." 
--Maariv (Israeli newspaper) 

"Compelling, controversial, iconoclastic...strongly recommended...a unique contribution." --Midwest Book Review, USA

"Eternal Treblinka should be on every list of essential reading for an informed citizenry for the compelling comprehensiveness of the life-and-death story it tells." --National Jewish Post & Opinion, USA 

"Promises to be one of the most influential books of the 21st century."
—Dr. Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

"Important and timely...written with great sensitivity and compassion. I hope that Eternal Treblinka will be widely read." 
--Martyrdom and Resistance (Holocaust publication), NYC, USA 

"It's one of the few books which totally grabs the reader, not only while reading it, but afterwards also, and probably profoundly disturbs, shocks and destroys." 
--Croatian philosopher Hrvoje Juric, Zagreb, Croatia 

"This is a profoundly important book. Patterson argues convincingly that the exploitation and slaughter of animals was and is the model and impetus for human oppression and violence." 
--The Ark (Catholic Concern for Animals)

"Charles Patterson's book will go a long way towards righting the terrible wrongs that human beings, throughout history have perpetrated on non-human animals. I urge you to read it and think deeply about its important message." --Dr. Jane Goodall, UK

"The whole effect is a very powerful document...No one who reads this book will fail to be moved." --Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals

"A thought-provoking masterpiece meticulously and brilliantly articulated." 
--Dr. Ndubuisi Eke, Head, Department of Surgery, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria 

"We have been searching for animal related books with international publishers and came across your book Eternal Treblinka. We thought it stood out like a jewel in the crown amongst the others."
--Shin Seung Chul, Editor, Deobleosoom, publishing arm of Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA), Seoul, Korea

"I believe, along with many others, that your book is one of the most important books of the century." 
--Tanja Tuma, publisher, Ljubljana, Slovenia 

"The book does a perfect and professional job of showing the similarity between the mistreatment of people and of animals. It's written with great sensitivity. It will no doubt be a valuable addition to everyone's collection." 
--Dr. Vugar Huseynov, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic. 

"A very important achievement for animals and humans alike. Most probably your work will only be truly appreciated in years to come, but this is the fate of nearly all original and independent authors." 
--Christa Blanke, Freiburg, Germany 

"You must read this carefully documented book." 
--La Stampa (Italian national newspaper) 

"It is seldom that such a comprehensive work of scholarship springs from a heart of compassion in the service of a noble and necessary idea. All the ingredients of your thesis have been available to thinking people for generations, but it remained for you to pull them together." 
--Helen Weaver, author of The Awakener, USA 

"Charles Patterson's Eternal Treblinka is a wonderful book about terrible subjects, a work that resonates and extends the best of liberal humanism and broad left activism to the exploitation, oppression and extermination of non-human species. While the work is not directly Marxist, it is one that Marx would have appreciated and one from which Marxists can learn much – a work with tremendous use value. "
--Political Affairs

"Very well researched and written with great sensitivity. I strongly recommend it to others in sub-Saharan Africa." 
--Prof. P S Igbigbi, Dept. of Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Malawi 

"Kafka would have applauded Eternal Treblinka. It grips like a thriller." 
--The Freethinker, UK

"The book that breaks all taboos. The book that fires up controversies all over the world."
--Bernard Franolic, Prijatelji Zivotinja (Animal Friends Croatia), Zagreb, Croatia

"Eternal Treblinka has provided a quantum leap for the animals across cultures that would have lain dormant and careless for centuries more without it."
--Lucy Kaplan, USA

"Whatever else is true about the trials of writing, you have accomplished what few writers do: a book that has received and continues to receive worldwide recognition. A wonderful achievement. Amherst should give you an honorary degree for this contribution to world morality.
--Dr. Howard Wolf (Amherst College classmate), Professor of English, University of Buffalo